Should we have small pencil cases?

Written on October 21, 2010 – 10:03 am | by Lachy

In our new classrooms, it has become mandatory that we have small pencilcases and if they are too big we are not allowed to have them on our table. There are both pros and cons to having smaller pencilcases. Should we be forced to get smaller pencilcases for our tables.

Smaller pencilcases are good because they take up less space and we really don’t need that much stuff in them. They conserve space which is important when on round tables as they have limited space. Also they are easy to move from location to location and if you go to a lesson like german where the tables are small you will have more space.

In smaller pencil cases there is not enough space for all of your stationary. This means whenever you need something other than a pencil you will need to get up and go to your tray you will be wasting lesson times. This isn’t good. Half the day would be wasted ferrying back and forth between table and tray.

After reading this do you think we need to buy smaller pencilcases?

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  2.   By coon on Oct 29, 2010 | Reply

    hey lac23 i think that we should have bigger pencil cases so that we can fit more stuff in it.

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